Contemporary lifestyles often lead to postural and mental patterns (such as long hours hunched over the computer) that inhibit the flow of energy in the body. The stagnation of this energy is the root cause of many aches, pains and ailments.

Our healing services are designed to restore comfort and balance to the body through the complete release of physical tension; from the dissolution of surface aches and pains to the realignment of postural imbalances. When the body is at ease, the physiologic and energetic systems harmonize and a profound experience of wellness results.

Each session features handcrafted herbal oils that enhance the therapeutic benefit of the massage. Organic sesame oil is used as a base to which specific herbs are added. Through deep and thorough massage, the entire body receives the nutrient rich and medicinal benefits of the oil. Once the body is warm and relaxed, assisted yoga stretches are introduced; further dissolving tension, opening the joints and enhancing the flow of energy and blood. Special attention is given to injuries and chronic ailments.

Our signature Ayurvedic Yoga Massage lasts for 2 hours and is performed on a mat on the floor. The session incorporates deep tissue massage, assisted yoga stretches and herbal medicine; utilizing full draping for comfort and privacy. It is recommended that the receiver wear shorts and a comfortable top for ease of stretching. Specific concerns and goals are discussed prior to each session. Deep tissue massage, Thai massage and nutritional counseling are available upon request.


·       Releases stress and tension on all levels (physical, mental, energetic).
·       Opens the body, increasing the flexibility of muscles and joints.
·       Realigns the body and promotes correct posture.
·       Rehabilitates overuse injuries, rheumatism and chronic arthritic conditions.
·       Enhances: digestion, elimination, and circulation.
·       Increases lung capacity and brings awareness to the breath.
·       Eliminates physical, mental and emotional toxins.
·       Enhances the flow of energy.
·       Restores harmony to the body, promoting relaxation and peace of mind.