“Brad Teasdale is a massage therapist and healer of the first order. His knowledge and mastery in the use of herbs and oils in treatment is unique with clear intuition and thoughtful use. The experience I had with Brad helped me to release my physical tension and spiritually left me feeling lighter and uplifted. I would highly recommend Brad to anyone that is looking to take their healing and well being to the next level.” Dr. Ari Kramer www.arikramerdmd.com

“Brad’s massages always manage to fix what’s broken.  When we get particularly sore or stressed, it’s like there’s an internal alarm clock letting us know it has been too long since we have seen Brad.. Imagine if one of your really good friends came to your house to visit with you for a few hours and gave you an amazing massage while he was there.  That’s what working with Brad is like. I always feel more relaxed, more limber, more awake, and more energized.  What’s not to like about that?”   Ben and Rachel Marks

“Highly recommend! Brad Teasdale – Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. On a substantial mat on the floor, first a strong hour-long massage using oils infused with herbs and medicinal plants from trips to the Amazon rainforest where he studies their properties and extensively experiences them firsthand. Clothes back on; second hour is movement and stretching, using the openings he’s just created to lengthen every muscle. Perhaps similar to Thai massage, but more attentive. He offers healing chants from the shamans with whom he studies; by that time you are in another stratosphere and his voice somehow completely resonates with your own breathing. See him at your home or at the Virayoga annex; treatment is 2 hours and a complete healing.” Elena Brower www.virayoga.com

“I have travelled the world and had numerous massages but never had any that offered the unique blend of energy, muscle work and aromatherapy that I receive from Brad.  I even feel comfortable inviting him into our home for sessions there; he is that professional and a pleasure to work with. Happy to answer any questions about his work if anyone would like a reference check.” Sanem Alkan

“Steve and I couldn’t stop talking about our sessions with you yesterday morning. It was truly amazing. I felt balanced and energized after the session and still do today. The session was more rejuvenating than our 2-week vacation that we just got back from. Your pressure was perfect. I never once felt it was too light or too much. The meditation in the middle of the session allowed my body to really soak in the therapy from the first half of the session and kept me lucid for the second half. Each thing you did, whether working with the herbs, the chanting, the incense and the muscular therapy was such a treat, a boundless series of gifts. It was a truly holistic experience. As I mentioned yesterday, when you were completing the session I saw an illuminated mandala in my mind’s eye as you touched my forehead. I had also naturally drifted into a brief sleep. More astonishingly, when the session was completed, I had an overall feeling of fulfillment”
Catherine Monzon, LMT

“Brad is a highly sensitive, attuned practitioner whose work has been healing and nurturing on all three levels: the body, the mind and the heart” Jennifer Pettit www.chandrakalayoga.com

“To me, energy work is a delicate, thoughtful business, and I deeply respect Brad’s experience.  I give him my highest recommendation without reservation.  And don’t be surprised if you get a magic song from his travels to the Amazon during one of your sessions.  Outstanding!” Marcos Lara www.technolosophy.com

“Brad has a true talent. The combination of his present awareness and skilled touch make his massage a deeply healing experience.” Shelley Lewis www.sacredspaceny.com

“I wanted to thank you again for the terrific massage you gave me the other day. Your approach to the work–the combination of your undeniable skills, compassion, caring and focus–created, for me, a truly memorable experience. You are a healer. And I feel most fortunate to have discovered you.” Ken O’Neill, LMT www.themarryingkind.org

“Working with Brad was a very encouraging experience. His approach was confident and inspiring. He had a very intuitive approach to the needs of my body and the work we did together served me well.”
Jonathan Fitzgordon www.fitzgordonmethod.com